About Us

Yayasan Kayan Makmur is a foundation engaged in social, religious and humanitarian fields. Founded on September 2, 2014 in Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

Our Vision

To be a humanitarian foundation that will prosper all people in all fields.

Our Mision

Takes real action in supporting activities that help the welfare of the entire community.


We support activities especially in the social, religious and humanitarian fields.


We make every effort to provide the best education for children in need. Especially for those around us.

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SMK Tridaya Pratama

Kabupaten Bulungan - North Kalimantan

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Yayasan Kayan Makmur

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SMK Tridaya Harapan

Kabupaten Kutai Timur - East Kalimantan

Contact Us

Yayasan Kayan Makmur Jl. P. Hidayatullah No. 88 Samarinda

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